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Check out our "Sister Truck,"
The Cheezy Truck
Gourmet Grilled Cheese & Patty Melts
"Cheese is our Business"

Cheezy Truck


The Cheezy Truck Menu

Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwiches 


    Pesto Me 

Roasted turkey/ chicken breast, house made pesto, mozz,

tomatoes on wheat

     Grilled Mac & Cheese

Grilled mac & cheese, American on white

   The Uptown

Applewood smoked bacon, house made pimento cheese, mozz,

red pepper jelly on wheat

 Spicy Pigs

Smoked ham, applewood smoked bacon, grilled onions,

sweet hot mustard,  pepperjack on  white

Spring in Savannah

House-made pimento cheese, mozz, red pepper jelly on sourdough

 Smokey Mac

Pulled pork, mac & cheese, gouda, bbq sauce, pickles on white


Applewood smoked bacon, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, american on white

 Tomatoes & Cheese

Mozz, cheddar, tomatoes, garlic seasoning, on sourdough

The Knock-out 

Roasted chicken breast, grilled onions, garlic seasoning,

pepperjack, tomatoes, sweet hot mustard on wheat


Roasted chicken, applewood smoked bacon, ranch, lettuce,

tomatoes, cheddar on white

 The Wild Buffalo 

Roasted chicken breast, tangy slaw, pepperjack, buffalo sauce

drizzle on sourdough

The Classic

 American on white

      Ham & Cheese

Smoked ham, american on white

  Original Melt 

Handcrafted beef patties, American, grilled onions on white

The Frisco Melt 

2 handcrafted beef patties topped with grilled onions, peppers,

pepperjack on sourdough

The Georgia Melt 

Handcrafted beef patties, topped pimento cheese, mozz,

red pepper jelly, applewood smoked bacon, on sourdough



Gluten Free Bread & Vegan Cheese Available on the Truck




Skin on Fries

Pesto pasta salad

Creamy tomato soup 

Assorted Kettle Chips



Fresh baked chocolate chip cookie

Cream Cheese Parfait with Brown Butter Crumble




Sweet Tea

Unsweet Tea


 Bottled Water

or Assorted Coca Cola Products

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